Heartbreak on a Full Moon

When the Love Cracks,

Think you’ll need a broom,

Gotta alot of Love

Yet a empty room,

Said it Suddenly,

Like its breaking news,

Was it bad enough?

That you had to choose?

Ain’t Relationships

About Me and U?

When we first met; man I couldn’t move,

January 1st; It was new to U,

Bout June 1st; Knew I needed U,

Ice Tea, aint as sweet as U,

When the fight was done, said u had to move,

De-fibrillator; for a Heart or Two

Blue Heart; Every Blue Moon.


My beloved.. 

Dear future wife; if you can hear me.. hello.

Dear future wife; i’m praying for you,

Dear future wife; I’ll always put you first,

Dear future wife; you’re so special,

Dear future wife; Right now I can’t see but i’m sure your beauty is breathtaking,

Dear future wife; I’ll love you until the end of time,

Dear future wife; lets pray together,

Dear future wife; I pray we move as “One”

Dear future wife; I think about you constantly,

Dear future wife; It pains me to see u cry,

Dear future wife; let me wipe your tears,

Dear future wife; I love to laugh I hope u do too,

Dear future wife; my soul senses you are near,

Dear future wife; whatever you want to do i’ll support you,

Dear future wife; will u accept my flaws?

Dear furure wife; grow with me.

Dear future wife; can you hear me?

Dear future wife; with my whole heart I’ll listen,

Dear future wife; did i say how much i’ll LOVE you?

Dear future wife; I don’t care how many times you hear it; you are Beautiful. 

Dear future wife; what’s your favorite flower?

Dear future wife; I’ll protect you with my Life,

Dear future wife; lets build a family,

Dear future wife: I hope you want sons lol

Dear future wife; you are and forever will be my  Queen.

Dear future wife; I dont want anyone else,

Dear future wife; cheating on you is the furthest thing from my mind, I made a commitment to you. 

Dear future wife; I’m preparing my heart for u,

My beloved wife; Till death do us part. 


Black Males; we are thought of as just people who exist in a world we don’t belong.

Black Males; we are thought of as just people who exist in a world where two or three cannot be gathered together without strife without confliction without eviction.

Black Males your thought of as nothing but the ground beneath our feet.

Black Males we’re seen as those who don’t deserve equity but forced to except equality. The problem is equality and equity are two different things; equity is giving a person something that they need to survive; something that would help them strive, help them achieve the ultimate purpose. While equality on other hand, you’re just giving everyone the same thing hoping for different result.

Black males we need to do better,

Black males we need to be there,

Black Men  we need one another.

Black Males support our women.

Black Males support our children.

Black Males encourage yourself to achieve perfection or something close to it for our ancestors run thru our veins; they bled for our freedoms and bled for our rights. That should not be taken in vain. I know the system is not designed for us to Achieve what we need to thrive. The system desires us to stay in prison, stay in the streets, stay out of school, stay unemployed, stay on drugs, in and out of love; but I know that we are better than that.

Black Men, you mean something. We are something; destined for greatness. Grind like you never never did before; And remember that you are loved.


Stray Bullet

Do u fear death? 

or the person staring u down holding the gun?

Slightly squeezing the trigger till u hear that 

Pop;, thoom; the noise doesnt really matter, 

because that stray bullet just made a life


Sad thing is that I only hear chatter, 

Screaming Black Lives Matter,

Faking harder than a new paid actor,

Oh u mad? 

Because you’re living out of a ziplock bag? 

Instead of charging out a check

U charge out a life, 

What’s price?

Congratulations u played yourself?

Though we are unjustly judged,  we are not slaves,

But priceless, no amount of change, can change

how far we’ve come,

At times we are one.

I see the blend of a,

Multicultural, perfected sculptural People 

Crafted by God himself,

Recognize your worth, your wealth,

U see someone down,

Help them up,

When no ones around,

Sharpen up,

Iron sharpeth Iron,

So when that stray bullet lingers,

it will not be able to penetrate the immovable

Body, Mind, nor Soul. 

Shut it. 

Insinuating, Contemplating like little babies,
Flabergasting, aggravating, a bunch of crazies,
Physically, mentally, devastating, 
While you shucking and jiving i’m out here 
Fake, mixed with the lean sounds like you 
Lost credibility, 
I can see it Vividly,
Actions speak louder you should gain some 
 Friend of me?

Are you weak?
Or is your mind playing tricks? 
Popping in and out of truth,
Like Flashing paparazzi picks,
Stop reminicing and envison the purpose is for you,
If right in front of your eyes–could you see the proof?

Call me Pac in the 90’s i’m steady with the Juice,


This is not rap, fabricated and formed to paper,
Freedom writer,  advocating; you see the haters. 

Just Hold On. 

We need love, in a World Like this,

We need Hugs, for all the hurting Kids,

We need strength, for all the helpless cries,

Tissue, for all the weary eyes,

Light for when it seems soo dark,

Whispers for all the dogs that bark,

Who are u to kill!?

Who are u to Steal!?

There are no words in the english dictionary 

that can describe how I feel,

Maybe I should create one–perhaps;


Because you are socialy, sickly filled with a sour

heart for a human being, 

To think that you should take away a precious 

life in exchange for your measly strife.  

No, Will not concede to your thoughtless deeds,

Praise your dying breed,

For there will be a day,

When God will say,

Be gone and return to the dust,

He’ll show a false claimed terrorist the true 

meaning of terror.

Your time will come; you’ll regret the day

That you harm Gods people in a meaningless 


Let Go. 

For someone who likes to speak alot

You aren’t saying much of anything,

A glimpse of your potential,

Yet u hide behind fear,

Struggle to let go,

Especially of whats near,

Past Pain and Disdain,

Out of your mouth Spit Flame,

Passionate but about the wrong things,

Energized but at the wrong Themes,

Passing judgements and creating

false illusions,

Misconceptions and claims unproven,

For someone who often speaks intelligently

Lately I hear otherwise,

Basking in doubt, I can see it in your eyes,

Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst,

Drowning in the dark 

like you’re standing In a hurst, 

Man we aint perfect, We all hurt,

We all drift we all swerve,

But guess what; thats life.

Devil wants u to give up,

Loves when u step down,

He hates it when u look up,

Heavenly Help, Heals.

Just Acknowledge that he’s real.

No cut cards 

Its just a deal that you’re soul is sealed

Covered; a heavenly veil.

We all bleed the same color,

So stay real.